Center for Latin American Studies

Established in 1968, the University of Chicago Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) brings together faculty and students across the University in interdisciplinary and interdivisional research, teaching, scholarly events, and public engagement related to this vital region of the world.

CLAS provides a forum for the amplification of faculty findings, stimulates interdisciplinary intellectual exchange, nurtures regional inquiry among undergraduate and graduate students, educates the University community on vital regional issues, facilitates deep and sustained exchange with Latin American institutions, and creates a stimulating community for Latin American visitors, faculty, and students in Chicago.

Central to the center's work is its effort to increase the scope of Latin American engagement at the University across departments, divisions, and professional schools and to facilitate intellectual exchange between our faculty and students—including those in departments without historical ties to the region or the Center—and their Latin American colleagues. Our goal is to cement Chicago’s reputation as a vital crossroads where the most dynamic Latin American thinkers can engage in meaningful collaboration and exchange with colleagues from across the University and around the world.

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