For Alumni

  • Alumni Around the World

    177,000 UChicago alumni live and work in over 153 countries.

UChicago alumni shape our world. They're recognized by the way they dive into conversations, tackle challenges, and solve problems—all with a creativity that draws on philosophy as easily as economics. Graduates of the College, our five divisions, six graduate and professional schools, and the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies drive the mission of the University in the countries where they live and work.

Alumni foster a tradition of giving back, mentoring current students on campus and abroad, and recruiting them to work and intern at international organizations. And they stay engaged with the University and their peers, learning, networking, and volunteering alongside fellow alumni through UChicago alumni groups in more than 45 US regions and 30 international cities.

International clubs keep alumni connected to the University and to one another. Alumni clubs from Israel to Italy, China to Chile, and everywhere in between host networking events, social gatherings, educational opportunities, and more.

Volunteer opportunities in the United States and abroad allow alumni to engage in issues and regions they care about, including providing career advice and opportunities to current students and alumni, spreading the word about UChicago to prospective students through the Alumni Schools Committee, and planning their own regional events as alumni club volunteers.

Study trips take small groups of alumni to explore a foreign culture or favorite destination. Faculty and alumni experts lead intellectually stimulating tours to destinations as varied as West Africa, the Galápagos Islands, and the Mediterranean.

Philanthropic support from alumni, parents, and friends allows the University to continue expanding its wide variety of international programs, initiatives, and priorities, including: international scholarships and financial aid, career advancement programs, study abroad programs, international grants, and faculty research funds.