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Get Involved

Support UChicago Global

Following in the footsteps of the University’s founders, thousands of supporters continue to be vital partners in Chicago’s transformative contributions to knowledge and society. With the philanthropic support of alumni, parents, and friends, the University is able to continue expanding its wide variety of international programs, initiatives, and priorities, including: international scholarships and financial aid, career advancement programs, study abroad programs, international grants, and faculty research funds.

Philanthropic support enables the University to further advance its top international priorities, as well as help the University in realizing its mission of creating knowledge with enduring impact and influencing and educating current and future leaders. For more information about giving in your country, please visit our International Giving website.

Support Career Treks or Internship Opportunities

The number of international Metcalf opportunities and treks continues to grow out of a direct response to student demand for work experiences outside of the United States.  Exposure to international work environments are crucial to many students' professional development and future career paths. Internships and treks give students a unique opportunity to experience international culture and business practices, while at the same time expanding their professional networks. Career Advancement continues to explore and promote Metcalf internships, entry-level positions and trek opportunities in around the world.  As these programs continue to engage with more students, the number of international opportunities will play an increasingly important component of the Metcalf and Career Trek programs.

Alumni and friends of the University may engage with students as trek hosts, reception hosts in international locations, by connecting Career Advancement to hiring managers abroad, and by financially supporting these programs. For more information about these programs, and becoming involved, please contact