Global Centers: Annual Calls for Proposals

We are pleased to announce a new call for proposals for academic programs and activities at our global Centers for the 2019-2020 academic year. Each year, the Faculty Committees for Centers in Beijing, Delhi, Paris and The University of Chicago Campus in Hong Kong review and accept faculty and student research proposals on the three themes of:

  • Science, Energy, Medicine, and Public Health
  • Business, Economics, Law, and Policy
  • Culture, Society, Religion, and the Arts

See the due dates and application links for each location below: 




Center in Beijing January 15, 2019
Campus in Hong Kong January 15, 2019
Center in Delhi January 15, 2019
Center in Paris January 15, 2019


We are also soliciting proposals for programs in Latin America. We encourage proposals that will help to support initiatives with scholars and institutions in the region.  Guidelines can by found here: