For International Students

  • A Diversity of Perspectives

    Each year, the University enrolls more than 3,100 international students from over 100 countries.

Since its inception, the University of Chicago has welcomed students from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and countries of origin. UChicago offers resources to support international students as they navigate unique challenges and requirements, and student groups promote and celebrate cross-cultural exchanges.


More than 20 percent of our students come from nations outside the United States. We offer special support to encourage international applicants.

College Admissions has dedicated admissions officers for international students.

Graduate Admissions supports applicants to graduate departments across UChicago.

On-Campus Resources

International House is a dynamic program center and residence capable of housing nearly 500 students and interns from around the world, including the United States.

The Office of International Affairs is dedicated to enhancing a vibrant international community and to fostering cross-cultural experience, providing resources, guidance, and information for international students and applicants.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs supports the academic success of students and works to maintain an inclusive campus community.

Diversity and Inclusion at UChicago is a comprehensive resource for the entire UChicago community that provides information on academic scholarships and opportunities, affinity groups, and campus resources for students.

Meet Alumni

Learn from UChicago alumni in your country. Reach out to the University of Chicago alumni club in your region.