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UChicago-CNRS Partnership


CNRS-UChicago PhD Program Follow-up Workshop

April 30, 2021

On Friday, April 30, 2021, the 11 research teams funded to date by the the CNRS-UChicago partnership program gathered virtually to share updates on their projects. The student researchers took the lead in presenting their teams' work, and at the end of the event participants voted for the best presentation. Marie Greaney (UChicago) and Maxime Lehmann (CNRS) (advisors: Ellie Heckscher, UChicago; Tihana Jovanic, CNRS) won first place, followed closely by runners-up Yi Liu (UChicago) and Maria Knaiir al Douaihy (CNRS) (advisors: John Reinitz, UChicago; Mounia Lagha, CNRS; Ovidiu Radulescu, CNRS).

Faculty and student participants alike spoke to the value added by working collaboratively across institutions and borders, even when travel and normal exchange possibilities are not possible. The faculty participants emphasized the crucial importance of supporting the work of young scientists through this opportunity. As Professor Paul Cheney of UChicago said, "Anyone who doesn't pay attention to younger scholars is really missing out on one of the most important parts of their work."

The meeting was hosted by UChicago Vice President Juan de Pablo and CNRS Deputy CEO for Science Alain Schuhl, and was organized by Fabienne Munch.

>> Watch for a special edition of the UChicago Global Digest focused on this partnership, coming soon!