The Tenth Anniversary of the University of Chicago Center in Beijing

10th Anniversary of the University of Chicago Center in Beijing

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  • Faculty Director Dali Yang (left) and Professor Yang Chen-Ning, PhD'48 (right), co-recipient of the 1957 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Artist Wen Fang speaks to visitors at the opening of her exhibition in the Steve Sun Gallery at the Center in Beijing
  • President Zimmer (left) shakes hands with Justin Yifu Lin, PhD'86 (right)
  • Participants in the Beijing: East Asian Civilizations Study Abroad program visit the Great Wall
  • UChicago and Chinese faculty gather for a conference on transplant ethics in China, organized by Professor Michael Millis (3rd from right)
  • Performance of a piece by composer Chen Yao, PhD'12, at the Center in Beijing

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing celebrates its tenth anniversary with programming that demonstrates the University’s broad and deep history of engagement with China. The University’s relationship with China dates back to 1914, when our second president, Harry Pratt Judson, led a Rockefeller Foundation commission that helped to establish the China Medical Board and continued when UChicago alumni in Physics, Yang Chen Ning and Lee Tsung-Dao, became the first Chinese nationals to be awarded the Nobel Prize. This month-long celebration of the Center honors our history while showcasing faculty research and key partnerships in China.

The establishment of the Center in Beijing has cultivated new opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and throughout the region. Since its inception in 2010, the Center has hosted over 500 events, welcomed over 45,000 visitors, and been a home away from home for over 2,500 University of Chicago faculty, staff, and students. This celebration serves as an opportunity to thank our alumni, local leaders, and the faculty and staff whose support has enabled the Center in Beijing to become a hub for engagement in China.

为庆祝芝加哥大学北京中心成立十周年,中心将举办系列活动,回顾芝加哥大学与中国广泛深远的交往历史。芝大与中国结缘于1914年,第二任校长Harry Pratt Judson带领洛克菲勒基金会代表团赴华,成立了美国中华医学基金会。后来,芝大物理系校友杨振宁和李政道获得诺贝尔奖,成为首次获此殊荣的中国人,芝大与中国的关系得以进一步深化。 2021年1月,中心将举办为期一个月的庆祝活动,回顾芝大与中国的过往,展示芝大在华学术研究成果及重大合作项目。

中心的建立,为跨学科与区域性合作创造了新的机会。自成立以来,中心已举办 500 场学术活动、迎来 45,000 位访客以及 2,500 位芝大教职员工与学子。我们希望借此次庆祝活动,向芝大校友、当地机构负责人以及学校教职员工致以诚挚的谢意。正是在他们的支持下,中心才得以成为芝大与中国交流合作的樞紐。