Students walking on campus in the Fall

A Global Foundation

The University facilitates scholarly collaborations, creates opportunities for students and enriches knowledge around the world.

The University of Chicago’s distinctive approach to global engagement focuses on mutually beneficial and often multi-disciplinary academic collaboration in a rich and complex international landscape. The University supports faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry that increasingly have an international landscape of challenges. New educational opportunities facilitate the exposure of our students to international settings and make our campus and programs accessible to a wider international audience. An academically diverse environment is enhanced by our firm commitment to free and open inquiry and innovative programs enhance the University’s global reach and impact .

Our global connections and interactions have been bolstered by the established University centers in Paris (2004), Beijing (2010), and Delhi (2014) and its newest campus in Hong Kong (2018), in addition to the Chicago Booth program in London, the Oriental Institute's field house in Luxor, and the research organization in Bangladesh. Each location enhances our ability to support the extension of the intellectual life of the University on the global stage. These intellectual destinations deepen the University's capacity for global scholarship, engage our more than 180,000 alumni, bring new voices to campus, and contribute to the intellectual, political and cultural life of their local communities.