Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory

The Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory (3CT) was created in 2004 by a group of seven faculty members from Anthropology, English, History, and Political Science. In our seventh year, the center continues to promote sustained comparative, interdisciplinary discussion of social processes and political practices in the contemporary world. Drawing inspiration from our successful eponymous lecture series, Theorizing the Present comprises a set of focused modules motivated by cutting edge research goals and experimental pedagogies which will address such pressing questions as: 1. How can we best understand the interrelations between global processes and the local contexts of political action; 2. To what extent do established notions, including globalization, empire, nationalism, and democratization; 3. Why have new political forms emerged when and where they have, and what explains the marked variation to be found among contemporary movements? 4. How can we account for the failure of the left in most parts of the world and its arguable revitalization in Latin America?

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