Rodrigo Santa Cruz Guindalini

Photo of Dr Rodrigo Guindalini

Clinical Oncologist
Oncologia D'or

Rodrigo Santa Cruz Guindalini, MD, PhD is a clinical oncologist and oncogeneticist. His main area of research is oncogenetics, in particular, hereditary cancer syndromes, genetic counseling, cancer screening and prevention, cancer molecular genetics and personalized medicine. Guindalini received his Doctor of Medicine from and was a resident at the Federal University of São Paulo. He also completed a PhD in cancer genetics and fellowship in clinical oncology at the University of São Paulo. Additionally, he was a visiting scholar at the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics and a fellow at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago from 2012-13. Currently, Guindalini works as a medical oncologist and is organizing a cancer risk assessment program at Oncologia D'or.