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US-Brazil Collaboration in Understanding the Biomechanics of Craniofacial Disorders


Drs. Callum Ross and Russell Reid at the University of Chicago have spent their careers working to better understand human craniofacial biology and the treatment of related disorders. Dr. Felippe Prado at the University of Campinas has developed expertise in the identification and study of nonhuman and human models for craniofacial biomechanics. Their collaboration has allowed the scientists to develop a better understanding of the biological factors and mechanics behind craniofacial development and develop new treatment regimes for conditions including development and growth of the lower jaw, biomechanics of complex lower jaw surgery in infants, and feeding/chewing biomechanics.
In this webinar Drs. Ross, Reid, and Prado discuss the factors that led to their collaboration, the academic and clinical outcomes they have developed together, and how their careers as researchers and practitioners have benefited from international collaboration.


Join UChicago Global and the Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago for a webinar series featuring conversations between leading scholars from the University of Chicago and Brazil on the impact of international collaboration on advances in science.

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