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Pritzker School of Medicine's collaboration with Wuhan University boosts innovative medical education

President Zimmer during a visit to Wuhan University in 2019

[The below is an excerpt from the China Daily article]

Back in 2008, Wuhan University in Central China's Hubei province and the University of Chicago started to cooperate on medical education reform at the former university based on the medical curricula of the latter's Pritzker School of Medicine.

Both universities recently held an online conference to share their achievement of the long-term project.

Renslow Sherer, director of the International AIDS Training Center at the University of Chicago, said that the core is to first develop the nucleus of teachers who are interested in innovation within the medical school curriculum.

Students will have immediate exposure to patients in the first year to give them experience with professionalism, so that they can understand the importance of showing respect for patients and relating to them.

They also reduce the overall time in lectures and encourage small groups of students to teach each other with the facilitation of a faculty member.

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