Faculty discussion at Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

The Pozen Family Center for Human Rights at the University of Chicago supports innovative interdisciplinary teaching and research initiatives that critically explore the theory and practice of global human rights.

The Center engages faculty and students in Human Rights projects that span disciplines and regions, among them:
• The Human Rights Lab engages students and the community in human rights work addressing mass incarceration and racialized policing both in the United States and abroad. In 2020, the Lab will hold an Institute on Memory and Human Rights in South Africa that examines the process of memorialization and the role of memorials in reckoning with state violence.
• The Human Rights Standards for Women project is supporting two on-going studies that examine how international human rights standards have been domesticated and implemented to support the protection of women’s human rights.
• The New Drivers of Migration project fosters cross-sectoral, cross-border, interdisciplinary dialogue on the major factors governing unauthorized migration in the North American Corridor.
• The Health and Human Rights Initiative focuses globally on workshops, trainings and conferences on the necessity of a human rights-based approach to health care in China, Haiti, India, Malawi, Uganda, and the United States. A new project will explore access to women’s health services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

The Pozen Center provides College students with the opportunity to study human rights internationally. A faculty-led spring quarter program at the University of Vienna explores the philosophy, history, and contemporary politics of human rights. The Center also offers a course on human rights in Asia at the university’s newly opened center in Hong Kong. Since 1998, the Center has placed more than 500 students in human rights practice-based internships around the globe through its Human Rights Internship Program.

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