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Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the University of Chicago Center in Delhi

Gary Tubb

Gary Tubb

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Anupama and Guru Ramakrishnan Professor, Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations
The University of Chicago

Gary Tubb previously served as the faculty director for the University of Chicago Center in Delhi and chair and director of graduate studies in the South Asian Languages and Civilizations Department. He was also the chair of the Indian Ministry of Culture Vivekananda Visiting Professor search committee. 

Tubb earned a PhD in Sanskrit and Indian studies from Harvard University in 1979, where he was previously a professor, chair of Sanskrit and Indian studies and editor of the Harvard Oriental Series. He also taught at Brown University, Vassar College and Columbia University before joining the University of Chicago faculty in 2007.

A leading Sanskrit scholar, Tubb examines the tradition’s poetics, grammatical forms and commentarial traditions, and draws insights across the culture’s philosophy, religion and literature. Tubb can speak Sanskrit, German, Hindi, and Urdu and is familiar with Marathi, French, Latin, Spanish, and Prakrit. Tubb is the author of Scholastic Sanskrit: A Handbook for Students.