Geri Richmond (DoE), Paul Alivisatos (UChicago), and Antoine Petit (CNRS)

Global Partners

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UChicago Global facilitates visits for delegations representing international academic institutions or governments that wish to explore or nurture institutional partnerships with the University of Chicago.  

UChicago Global can help plan your visit if your visit engages multiple academic units AND at least 2 of the below conditions apply: 

  • Your visit to the University of Chicago is focused on exploring the creation of new academic partnerships or nurturing existing ones;  
  • You hope to meet with senior University leadership (vice president level or above); 
  • You have a concrete objective for your visit beyond general collaboration; 
  • You have pre-existing support from University of Chicago faculty or leadership. 

If your visit engages multiple academic units, and at least 2 of the above conditions are met, please complete the form linked below at least 6 weeks in advance of the proposed dates (12 weeks in advance if meetings with senior leadership are requested).  

Please note that filling out the form does not imply automatic acceptance of your visit. Our team will respond to you within 1 working week of the form submission date. 

Click here to request a visit

Please note: UChicago Global does not coordinate academic visits (visiting scholars, workshop participants, etc.), visits that can be managed by a single academic unit, or prospective donor visits.