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US-China Forum 2021: Addressing Inequality and Promoting Social Welfare


Photo of Professor Xiang Rong


Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Director, Social Work Research Institute, School of Ethnology and Sociology

Yunnan University

For more than two decades, XIANG Rong has led the Institute of Social Work in the Faculty of Ethnology and Sociology at Yunnan University. Her research focuses on developmental social work, service-learning and action research in southwestern China, characterized by multi-ethnic, poverty-stricken and massive rural-urban migration. XIANG pioneered the development of the first social work organization-Heart to Heart Community Care Centre in rural-urban migrant community work in Yunnan, the first social work incubation platform for urban and rural social work organizations in Yunnan, the first community philanthropic foundation in Yunnan. XIANG is the legal representative of the Yunnan Social Work Association. She has been awarded as National Social Work Leader in 2016 and National Top Ten Influential Social Workers in 2017 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC.