Profs. Haun Saussy and Rachel DeWoskin in conversation with Xu Bin at the 2020 US-China Forum


Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

My global partner has asked to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for our collaborative work. Is this necessary?

An MOU is a written agreement between two or more parties that establishes a partnership. Each MOU serves a specific purpose—visiting scholar or exchanges, students exchange, resource sharing, etc.—depending on the needs of the person or entity initiating the agreement. This document can be a helpful resource in setting the terms for engagement. Guidance on establishing an MOU can be found here.


I’m planning for international travel. Where can I find information about visa requirements and anything else I should know before I depart?

The Travel Toolkit provides assistance to faculty for travel planning and managing a project or research abroad.  Whether you are traveling to a laboratory at a partner institution or conducting research at our campus in Hong Kong, our office aims to provide the tools and information necessary to enhance your safety, reduce risks, and prepare you for a seamless journey.  If you would like to be connected to potential partners abroad, please reach out directly to UChicago Global.


I am a faculty member who is engaging students from partner institutions. What should I be thinking about?

UChicago Global is available to share best practices developed by other faculty on campus and is happy to share a framework and other resources that might be helpful.  We are also interested in learning from you as your program could potentially be a resource for others moving forward. Please reach out to with any questions or comments.


How do I feature my profile or work on the Global website?

In addition to the featured articles and profiles, the Global Directory is an opportunity to highlight all of your global work and partnerships.  Please reach out to and our team will be happy to help draft your profile or write a story about your recent engagement.