UChicago's unique intellectual environment is made possible because of its firm commitment to free and open inquiry. Propelled by rigorous debate and cross-disciplinary collaboration, faculty produce ideas that matter and enrich human life together with collaborators from around the world.

UChicago Global Funding

Provost's Global Faculty Awards

The Provost’s Global Faculty Awards provide annual cost-reimbursable awards of up to $30,000 USD to support international faculty activities with a collaborative element in key regions where the University of Chicago has strong engagement, currently including mainland China, Hong Kong and East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The Awards are open to all UChicago faculty and other academic appointees from all schools, divisions, and fields of discipline.

Yuen Research Grants

The Yuen Research Grants provide awards of up to $100,000 USD to support faculty research in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area of mainland China for up to a year, with new projects funded quarterly. The purpose of the grants is to spark academic engagement between the University of Chicago and partners in the region and to increase the local impact of UChicago research and faculty experts in both academic and public settings.

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Internal Funding Opportunities

Unit Description
Center for East Asian Studies Supports CEAS faculty research, UChicago student grants and fellowships, library travel grants for scholars and advanced graduate students from outside institutions with no or few resources in EA languages, subventions for publishers of Japanese works in translation, as well as funding or co-sponsorship of proposals for programming, all of which are related to East Asian studies.
Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies Compiles notices of fellowships and funding opportunities related to the region.
Center for International Social Science Research Supports internationally-focused faculty research projects in the social sciences at any stage of development through faculty book workshops and monograph enhancement awards, faculty research fellowships, dissertation completion grants, and field research awards.
Center for Latin American Studies CLAS awards grants to graduate students in support of field research (both pre-dissertation proposal and post-proposal) and teaching assistantships in selected Latin American content courses.
Center for Middle Eastern Studies Compiles notices of student grants and fellowships related to the region.
Committee on Southern Asian Studies Supports fellowships, travel grants, small research grants, and special projects for UChicago graduate students.
France and Chicago Collaborating in the Sciences (FACCTS) Provides seed funding for new and potentially fruitful project-based collaborations with French research institutions for faculty in PSD, BSD, and PME. Through a partnership with Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, researchers at these two national laboratories are also eligible for FACCTS support.
France Chicago Center Supports faculty intellectual and research initiatives related to or collaborating with France, as well as fellowships for UChicago students studying in France.
Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society Supports research on complex questions that require collaboration, inspire an interdisciplinary approach, and are informed by a humanistic perspective.
Nicholson Center for British Studies Offers grants for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing topics in the British Studies.
Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflict Supports innovative, data-driven research that seeks to understand and reduce global conflict and demonstrates public policy impact.


RNL Funding Page

The Office of Research and National Laboratories works to provide UChicago researchers and scholars with guidance, resources and central administrative support for their pursuit of new knowledge and novel solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

URA Funding Page

URA provides support for projects at the University of Chicago in the areas of sponsored programs, research compliance, and eRA, Training, and Analytics.