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Harris School of Public Policy and Indian School of Public Policy Joint Initiatives for Career Advancement

A photo of the Keller Center, which houses the Harris School of Public Policy

The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy aims to answer some of the biggest questions facing the world today, like climate change, public health, and urbanization. India is the second most populous country and the country’s increase in urbanization has made these issues of particular importance throughout the region. In order to address these issues, the Harris School of Public Policy and India’s first school of public policy, the Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP), partnered to create a new program for all ISPP students and establish the Anubhav Lecture Series. 

The Certificate of Participation in Public Policy and International Development is offered to all ISPP students and includes a series of workshops and lectures organized by the Harris School of Public Policy. The programming is conducted by faculty, practitioners, and other experts connected to the University of Chicago and covers topics such as environmental policy, gender rights, and conflict resolution. 

A screenshot of students participating in the Anubhav Lecture Series orientation via Zoom

In addition to the certificate of participation, the two institutions have partnered to host the Anubhav Lecture Series. The lecture series is geared towards young professionals working at grassroots organizations that want to take on more active roles in public policy and development throughout India and South Asia. The twelve-part lecture series is focused on building professional skills and a network of like-minded early-career professionals. Applicants for the series are invited through an open enrollment process.

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