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Provost's Global Faculty Awards

PGFA Sub-Saharan Africa


The Provost’s Global Faculty Awards (PGFA) provide one-year cost-reimbursable awards of up to USD $30,000 to support international projects that feature collaboration between UChicago scholars and international partners.

Grants are available for activities in the following regions (Please note, a call for proposals through the Center in Paris will be announced separately):

  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong and East Asia
  • India and South Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

The Awards are open to all UChicago faculty and other academic appointees. Applications from all schools, divisions, and disciplines are welcome and encouraged. Proposals may be submitted for well-established partnerships or exploration of potential partnerships focused on one of the regions above. Proposal submissions are due on March 3, 2023.

This program, administered by UChicago Global, aims to activate and amplify relationships and research collaborations between UChicago researchers and partners around the world. The ideal submission will showcase UChicago scholarship in a project that incorporates meaningful participation and expertise from both the University and a partner in the target region.

  • Academic events (conferences, workshops, seminars, planning meetings)
  • Public events (lecture series, exhibitions, performances)
  • Virtual activities (webinars, virtual meetings, interviews, creation of online resources)
  • Exploratory trips and research residencies
  • Supplementary travel funding
  • Data collection
  • Training initiatives

Individual research projects that require proximity to local collaborators and/or academic resources may be submitted, but will be considered as a secondary priority. Research proposals are likewise encouraged to have a public component, such as a talk or culminating event at the Center to provide a public platform for the work done.

Previous Awardees

Examples of previously funded projects can be found at https://global.uchicago.edu/pgfa.

Need more information?

The faculty directors and members of the faculty steering committees may also be consulted in formulating proposals; their names and specialties are listed here:

Prospective applicants are also encouraged to consult with UChicago Global staff regarding the substance of the proposal and budget at global@uchicago.edu.

Faculty and researchers receiving this invitation are encouraged to distribute this call for proposals to other interested members of the UChicago community.  If you require any additional guidance, please feel free to reach out to us at global@uchicago.edu.