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Provost's Global Faculty Awards

2021-22 Delhi PGFA Recipients

See the full details about each awarded project on the Center in Delhi's website.

UChicago PI Title Project Type
Osman Ahmed Advancing Trauma Care in India Planning Meeting
Seeba Anam Interdisciplinary Approaches to Address Mental Health in South Asian Youth Research Project
Orianna Cacchione Contemporary Art and Museums in India Exploratory Trip
Dipesh Chakrabarty A Conference and a Book on Rammohun Roy at 250 Academic Event
Dipesh Chakrabarty Archiving Sources for the History of the 'Modern Bengali Song' Research Project; Academic Event
Michele Friedner Disability and Multimodal and Multisensory Communication in India Exploratory Trip
Melissa Gilliam Findings and Lessons Learned from Kissa Kahani Intervention Public Event
Supratik Guha Joint Workshop on Quantum Information Science and Technology Academic Event
Mohan Gundeti Developing the Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery Program in India and SE Asia Training Initiative
Aniruddha Hazra Community-Based Development of Trans-Affirmative Health Education in India Training Initiative
Rochona Majumdar Enlightenment in the Colony: A Global History of Hindoo College Research Project
Anup Malani Migrating to India's Cities Research Project
David Meltzer Implementation of a Comprehensive Care Program Training Initiative
Jayant Pinto Dementia in India: State of the Field and Plans for Future Research Academic Event
Trevor Price Effects of Climate Change on Himalayan Biodiversity Academic Event
Maanasa Raghavan Integrative Research on Human Evolution and Reconstruction of the Past in India Academic Event
Govind Rangrass Perioperative Challenges in Liver Transplantation Academic Event
Srikanth Reddy CANTO Poetry Festival Public Event
Sunit Singh; Stephen Pincus From Mughal Rule to the Raj: Reassessing the Imperial Transition in South Asia Academic Event
Lisa Wedeen New Global Authoritarianisms and Democracy’s Discontents Academic Event