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Provost's Global Faculty Awards

2021-22 Latin America PGFA Recipients

UChicago PI Project Title Project Type
Issam Awad Establishing a Pan-American CASH Consortium (PACC) Academic Event
Viviana Berthoud Barrandeguy Defining the Role of Cx46 in Breast Cancer Research Project
Luis Bettencourt Galapagos Urbanization & Sustainable Development Study Research Project
Clara Blättler Investigating Calcium Isotope Behavior of Carbonate Deposits from Hypersaline and Alkaline Lake Environments Research Project
Orianna Cacchione The Transpacific: Mapping Artistic Exchanges between Asia and the Americas Exploratory Trip
Susan Gzesh; Angela García New Drivers of Migration: Violence & Migration in North and Central America Academic Event; Research Project
Sonia Hernandez; Oscar Pineda-Catalan STEM-Out Mexico Training Program; Academic Event
Emilio Kourí Mexico Visiting Scholar Program: Fulbright-García Robles Residency
J. Michael Millis; Mitchell Posner Joint Conference on Surgical Oncology and Academic Development Academic Event; Training Program
Christos Lazaridis NeuroQuito 2020 Academic Event
Ben Lessing Criminal Governance in the Americas Academic Event
Laura Letinsky Near and Far/ A la Distancia Student Trip
Alexander Pearson Building Collaboration for UChicago-Brazil Oral Pathology Artificial Intelligence Research Research Project
Luka Pocivavsek A Chicago-Chile Collaboration to Study the Physics of Endoleaks Residency
Maanasa Raghavan Disentangling the Problematics of Genomics and Identity in Chile: Paving the Path towards More Ethical and Beneficial Research with Indigenous Communities Academic Event
Antoni Rangachev UChicago-IMPA Collaboration in Algebraic Geometry Residency
Danielle Roper Hemi Graduate Student Initiative Convergence | Intimate Architectures: Displacement, Irruption, and Emergency in the Americas Public Event
Megan Sullivan Forging a History of Modern Art from the Andes Academic Event
Alan Zarychta Governance, Reform, and Local Health Systems in Honduras and Central America Academic Event