A drone shot of the Yuen Campus in Hong Kong

Provost's Global Faculty Awards

2021-22 Hong Kong PGFA Recipients

See the full details about each awarded project on the Yuen Campus's website.

UChicago PI Title Project Type
Peter Angelos Medical and Surgical Decisions in Critically Ill Patients Academic Event
Mark Bradley The Rise of Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia and Greater China in the 1990s Academic Event
Orianna Cacchione The Transpacific: Mapping Artistic Exchanges between Asia and the Americas Exploratory Trip
Chin-Tu Chen The 2022 Conference on Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Academic Event
Frederick de Armas Aging, Rejuvenation, & Environment in Chinese & European Early Modern Literature Academic Event
Thomas Ginsburg Law School International Immersion Program Hong Kong - Taiwan Student Trip
Patrick Jagoda Gaming Worlds via Alternate Realities: Workshop and Multi-Site Game Project Academic Event
John Kelly Expertise and Governance in Asia: New Nations, New Sciences Academic Event
Laura Letinsky Crafting Culture: Porcelain in Asia Exploratory Trip
Jonathan Lio Understanding Burden of End-Of-Life Care Through Verbatim Theater Public Event
Josephine McDonagh Exodus and Exile: Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, 1750-1850 Academic Event
J. Michael Millis Workshop on the International Study of the Divergent Organ Donation Models Academic Event
Salikoko Mufwene Population Movements, Language Contact, & Evolutionary Linguistics Academic Event
Jee-Young Park Bibliography of East Asian Periodicals (Colonial Korea 1900-1945) Exploratory Trip
Edward Shaughnessy The Future of China's Past Academic Event
Thuong Van Ha Big Data and AI in Radiology in East Asia and the United States Academic Event
Shellie Williams Empowering Patient/Family Centered Care Communication Training Initiative